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Sun Tekstìl

adres: CelalUmurCad. No:6
plaats: Torbali / Izmir
website: http://www.suntekstil.com.tr/

Sun Tekstìl

Ekoten Textile A.S. is the biggest knitted fabric manufacturer in Turkey and in Europe and Turkey’s biggest exporter of circular knitted fabrics. With an installation of 105 modern knitting machines and 25 tons per day capacity, Ekoten has a significant production infrastructure. The company develops and sells a truly comprehensive range of fabrics based on viscose, cotton, polyamide, polyester, acrylic, and wool yarns and their mixtures, using knitting machine diameters from 12’’ (ie body size/side seam free) to 34’’; from 16 gg to 40 gg with intermediate sizes for fashion wear, sportswear and technical textile industries.

Ekoten has an excellent and unique fabric library. There are more than 3.700 fabrics registered, complete with all their specification & performance histories. Ekoten has 56 dyeing machines, including 10 dyeing machines for those all-important sample orders. There is also an automatic dying and chemical distribution system, which together with parallel equipment in the matching lab, makes a total system that only a very small number of companies have. All the dyeing machines are monitored & controlled online by a central computer system. Additionally, all the phases from grey materials coming in the factory and the finished products going out of the company are monitored with a barcode system, followed in real time inside the company and visible externally to customers.

Ekoten has a very powerful finishing capacity with 6 stenters, 2 chain/ pinfeed relax dryers for open width fabrics, 2 open width compactors, 1 tubular compactors, 1 sueding, 1 brushing and 7 final quality control machines for open width fabrics. Several of these machines are equipped with the latest automated course counters, pyrometers, humidity control devices. All finished goods are controlled according to 4 points system or customer choice, and packaged using the automatic packing machine. With its waste water treatment plant on site, Ekoten achieves an environment-friendly production: it has ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment, OHSAS 18001 Work Health and Safety Management Systems, ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management System, ISO 14064 GHG Inventory Management System, GOTS Organic Cotton Certification, Organic OCS Certification, Oekotex Certification. The company has become one of the most leading companies in the industry with the principle of continuous development.

Ekoten and Sun Tekstil are located in the same area and they are an integrated facility. Sun Tekstil is amongst the top, largest 500 industrial companies in Turkey, based in Torbali, near Izmir. Established in 1987, our group has an annual turnover of $200m. We are fully vertical and export 1.3 million pcs of women wear garments per month. Our main customers include Zara, Bershka, Next, M&S and Tesco.

Ekoten is our knitting and dyeing mill, producing 30 tons of circular knitted fabrics per day. Sun Tekstil have Design and Marketing offices in Spain and UK. Our company has a strong emphasis on design and development, driven by our Spanish and English graphic and garment designers. We also have a specialized Fabric Development team and Sourcing Team in Turkey. The majority of our garments are made using Turkish fabric and we operate on a delivery time of 4 to 6 weeks.

The Social Compliance Department are involved in special projects to improve the working conditions for our workers and subcontractors. We run regular internal audits as well as through Third Party auditors such as Sedex and SGS. In addition to this we are working closely with our customers on specific projects to improve environmental awareness. One of them is M&S Plan A project, both Ekoten and Sun are Plan A approved. One of the unique things about Sun which contributes to our success is the emphasis within the company culture which is based on employee empowerment and the distribution of decision making from the owners of the company to the individual customer merchandisers, this ensures a flexible approach.


Ekoten Textile’s role in Erasmus Plus Project , Strategic Partnership STINFASH

Ekoten Textile company will be involved in the project as a cooperation partnership. The company will supply the project materials and trainees from Lette-Verein and Vitalis College will be able to use the company`s laboratory and production facilities. Therefore the trainees will have opportunity to practice every step of textile production from design to development and production in a company`s environment. Also Ekoten Textile will organize learning mobilities and short staff trainings. Ekotencompany is in cooperation with ROCWB in the StinfashFinal Conference.